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WakingUp2: The Nutella Prank

I got up from the bench and decided to go to the library since I still had almost an hour before my next class. As I headed towards the library, … Continue reading

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WakingUp1: Faded Memory

Everything seemed cloudy the moment I opened my eyes. I woke up seated on a bench which faced a wide sports field and for the first time I had the … Continue reading

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i did quit as a boy

There are so many aspects in life I am almost certain I would never be able to win at but I never thought of quitting. Perhaps because I wasn’t used … Continue reading

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Such an amazing read. 😀   Frustrated.

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Stories My Father Told Me

I was born when my father was already 30 years old. I was his first born son. My mother was 25 by that time. I didn’t hear a lot of … Continue reading

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the bell rings (it is an opening)

This is my first post. And I don’t intend to put too much in it. I would just say that: Yes! This is the start of finalpunch’s blogging life! 😀

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